Back to work without the fear and distraction of Sparta going up in flames. I continue to work on trim. With the input of my Spartan-crazed friends on Facebook (yes, there are several groups devoted to the restoration of and affection for Spartan trailer homes), I have determined that I need cove trim for the ceiling perimeter. I could not find 3/4″ cove trim in birch so I tried a piece of pine. As you can see from the picture below, pine ends up too light even after repeated staining.

That horizontal strip up top is just too light

Fortunately, I found a bundle of 17 count, 95″ unfinished birch strips online. They will arrive in a week.

Another small task recently behind me is cutting out slightly larger holes for Sparta’s tail-lights. They were not fitting flush. My little Dremel with a cutting blade worked great!

Note to self – “Stop using duct tape to weatherize”.