Restoring My Vintage Spartan to Glory

...and crafting a purposeful recovery

Tid Bits

What color blind moron thought this was a match?!?

Maybe if I wanted my seams to glow in the dark.

I emailed Cabinet Maker’s Warehouse and they offered no better match to finish-off my Formica seams – just a refund. So I am left with a few options. Find a better product elsewhere or go with aluminum seams like I did in the shower. Or, if I really want to make myself crazy, find a dark green tint and try to doctor this stuff up to a closer match. Option three sounds like a fool’s errand.

Meanwhile, on a more positive front, the 3/8″ Baltic birch has been ripped, sanded and finished. I have begun cutting it down to make my interior window trims. One down, sixteen to go.

I am using brass screws to make a nicer look.

Of course, in true janky fashion I am using a mitre box and hand saw to assist this process – painstakingly slow.

The search continues for a suitable piece of land to put Sparta. I am looking in Quincy, Ca. to be near my daughter. Maybe we’ll start a family compound, circle the wagons and fend off the assault of progress altogether.


  1. Hi came across ur blog while looking for vintage window latches for my 55 mansion. Seems ur trailer interior is intact! Mine was trashed from the floor to the ceiling. But I fell in love with it the moment I first saw it in a storage yard. That was 15 yrs ago. Lived in it the first five yrs then bought a home and it’s been sleeping in my backyard for nine yrs. But a month ago I decided to wake her up.! So I found ur Sparta story interesting. Just did all the back windows. Cleaning scraping painting and spaying frames n parts. New screens. Anyway I’m enjoying ur blog keep it going! Thanks.

    • Thanks! I hope you find something useful in my ramblings. I was able to salvage the tub, bedroom closet, kitchen cabinets and some of the hall cabinets. Everything else I recreated more or less faithfully to the original.
      Good luck with your project and have fun! Tom

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