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Things are getting interesting

There comes a time in the life of a trailer restoration when the vision starts to coalesce.  Now is that time and it is energizing.  After over a year of demolition (a long and sometimes enervating process), I am now doing things that add utility and life to Sparta.  My fresh water system is going in and pieces of new floor are about to be installed.  Soon, I will be able to walk from stem to stern without tip-toeing across steel cross beams (with the ever-present fear of stepping through her belly skin).

Have a look:

The observant among you may notice the R – 13 insulation, normally used for walls. I chose this because I will be installing a thin layer of insulating foam over the entire floor once it is patched up.

Plus, really thick R – 30 insulation would not fit under my water tanks.

63 gallons of high quality H2O. Note clear air vent lines.

These connections must last a lifetime (or at least mine).

Let’s see…black line to other tanks, top clear to air vent, bottom clear to drain, top 3/4″ fill spout. Yea, I got this.


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