Yikes.  My site is under attack!  Yesterday during my lunch break I sat down and opened the email account on my iphone to find I had 164 new comments and/or registrations on my blog.  Up to that point,  I might have received one a day.  I briefly thought, “At last, someone is following me!” but, no, the comments were nonsensical and totally unrelated to my content.  Since yesterday I have had over 1,000 such assaults.  Most of my new user registrations, I found, end in “.ru”, meaning the users are operating out of the Russian domain (not sure if that includes only Russia, former U.S.S.R. countries, Eastern Europe, etc.).  They are probably bots and the .ru URL is notorious for harboring spammers and scammers.  The other comments numbering in the hundreds all concerned ” Garcinia Cambogia”, a weight loss supplement.  Go figure.

I have just gone into my WordPress (my host) settings and changed the configurations so that spurious registrants and comments are reduced, if not eliminated.  Sorry for the inconvenience if you, my legitimate follower, had to wade through this dreck.