Well, I wish I could talk about walls, but I’ve run into issues…electricity.  Ealier I noted how, at every step of wiring (both 12V and 120) I would take time to test each section to ascertain  its working status (call it rookie hypercaution).  Every circuit worked so I proceeded to insulation with confidence.

I’ve finished the ceiling where some of the Romex lays buried but before slapping down walls I decided on another test for good measure.  First circuit tested was the rear bedroom area and I plugged in my 12 v power source and…nothing.  My tester light remained dim and useless.  For the past few days I’ve been racking my brain, scouring the Internet and wandering the aisles at the hardware store.  I even broke out an extra car battery, charged it and still…no dice.  I can’t imagine what could’ve happened between my original tests and now – unless a carelessly wielded insulation knife severed a line.  It may be time to call in an electrician, but….

There is a facinating, older documentary on PBS called “Alone in the Wilderness”, an amazing story about a man who set out to build a cabin in Alaska alone with his bare hands.  This man, Dick Proenneke’s, story began as a lark and ended up a 30 year adventure.  Call him a hermit, a kook, an H. D. Thoreau wannabe, whatever.  I found his story inspiring and it convinced me that I want to accomplish something in this life that I did alone – with nothing but moxie, ingenuity and, yes, stubborness,  I don’t need no stinkin’ electrician.

Every scene he fimed alone on a tripod – 16mm

Well, at least I did it myself