If you are anything like me, a world-class procrastinator, then you can relate to the glacial pace of my trailer work of late.  It has really slowed to a crawl.  I described in a previous entry some of the distractions keeping me from Sparta and a few new wrinkles have arisen but I’ll not get into them.  I need to keep my eye on the prize.


Let’s proceed.

A new round of foul weather is forecast for this weekend so it’s time to finalize preparations for Sparta’s second leak test.  You may recall my relief at the few leaks detected in Sparta’s last trial and it was testimony to the remarkable workmanship of Spartan trailers.  For those dozen or so breaches that I did discover I have applied “Captain Tolley’s” and it’s purported “capillary” action to those small fizzures.  Also, I have tightened the window seals and put rubber gaskets and/or caulk under the navigation lights.



Another important step is cleaning the roof and gutters.  Just as you would for your home after Autumn has shed its Summer finery, a trailer requires the same amount of attention up top.  Sparta rests under a very prolific walnut tree so yesterday I swept the roof of leaves and nuts.  Also, I took a putty knife and a wire brush to the gutters to ensure that overflow doesn’t find its way under Sparta’s skin.

I am excited by the prospect of concluding this process of water-proofing and FINALLY moving on to the mighty task ahead – the subfloor.


Cleaning the little-bitty gutters