At the risk of sounding sexist, this is the point where my female cohabitant exercises her right to decorate. Sorry, but this nesting thing is real and chromosomal. There’s just no fighting it.

It’s OK. Cristina has good taste.

An inviting, albeit, cramped sleeping quarters.
Cristina’s bedside nook.
A beautifully polished copper sink.
A spot for every spice.
Nestled bamboo tools.
Even the washing-machine has found a home.
Colorful, vintage things.
A coaster awaiting that morning coffee.
A piece of Cristina’s well-traveled art.
The sconce’s amber glow.
…more Brazilian art.
The view from the potty.
An impossibly clean window…not.

We’re still debating the whole couch thing. And my daughter is still at work on our hand-crafted dining table. But it is definitely feeling like home.

So more to come.