Great news!   Mother Nature dropped over 2 inches of rain on Sparta yesterday and my waterproofing efforts seem to have paid off.   The combination of Captain Tolley’s and a silicone caulk used around Sparta’s exterior weathered the storm.  I laid a bead of silicone caulk across the top of every horizontal surface (primarily window tops) and also focused on the long vertical seams formed where two sheets of the scalloped aluminum meet.  You can see one such vertical seam in the photo below right and there are several around Sparta’s perimeter.   These seams are particularly vulnerable because the ruffled edges (yes, like the chip) don’t always align perfectly and water finds its way in.  I took the additional step of putting globs of silicone around every screw piercing Sparta’s skin.  Over the years, past owners have affixed after-market doo-dads (door bell buttons, padlocks, etc.) to Sparta using screws – a big no no.  There is a reason these trailers were assembled with rivets.  Screws are basically conduits for water and must be sealed off wherever they intrude.  There remain very slight leaks along both angled rear seams, so I will recaulk them and apply a thick coat of rubberized 3M Undercoating spray to help seal them off from within.

I hung out at the trailer for a couple hours to keep tabs on any additional leaks while pulling off the last traces of 60 year old roof insulation clinging to old glue – a nasty job definitely calling for mask and goggles.


Dressed for the elements


Angled detailing at rear attracts water


Interior view showing old black sealant along angled seam


All navigation lights pulled and caulked


Pulling the last remnants of insulation


A thick coat of this along interior seams will provide additional protection