Good morning trailer geeks. As pandemic pandemonium nears its 1-year anniversary in these United States, I can’t help reflecting upon how different the world looks today. A year ago I had great catering events teed-up for season, we were living in our apartment, Trump impeachment round one was underway and a trip to Italy was in the works for the spring. Well, today we are comfortably settled into Sparta, still sheltering in place while collecting unemployment and looking forward to a much better year despite Covid’s continuing rampage. I hope we have heard the last from Donald.

Regretably, many things remain unfinished on my ’57 IM. But I am happy to report that we have made significant progress of late. Bamboo blinds arrive today for installation in the Observation Lounge. Cristina is making cool curtains for the bedroom AND I have just about finished the fireplace wrap-around.

In my last entry I told you about the salvaged metal that I beat into submission. I also mentioned using chemicals to weather the metal. I decided to go with paint instead to move things along and give me a little more control over the result.

I cut it to size, primed and painted it with multiple hues using salt to create random patterns. In pictures:

This primer just happens to tie into our existing orange scheme.
Then a coat of burgundy, leaving peek-a-boo orange spots.
On my test piece I experimenting using sand to create blotches over which the “Aged Rust” Rustoleum would go.
Then I brushed off the sand letting burgandy and orange colors through in random places.
Then I wiped on a thin coat of acrylic chalky green to create faux oxidation
Finally a top coat of “flame proof” sealant good up to 1000 degrees.
These will be installed on top of thin, aluminized fiberglass fabric to further protect the wood walls.

So it looks like I will have the fireplace finished just in time for the spring warm up. Fiddlesticks.