Hello. I suspect you are shocked to be hearing from me. It has been many months since I last checked in. What with the pandemic, repeated visits to Brazil, the daily act of living and the misguided notion that I was finished with Sparta combined to make me unusually quiet, blogwise. Well, the fact is I will never be done with this trailer. In part because I am a bad finisher. My life has been characterized by countless incomplete projects. I am a 95%er. But also, trailers are never done. Like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, just when you think you are all wrapped up you begin anew. Take my old friend Captain Tolley. You know, the eponymous Creeping Crack Cure? I will never stop squirting that stuff into Sparta’s nooks and crannies, lest I lose the ongoing battle with leakage.

Ok, so what’s my point? Although I may never complete Sparta, I am done with this particular blog. When I set out I hoped to chronicle my efforts to restore Sparta and myself, convinced that one could benefit the other. I am happy to say I’ve not had a drink in nearly a year. And over the past 6 years – since undertaking this project – my relapses have been less frequent and severe. While Cristina deserves much of the credit for my abstemiousness, my purpose-driven trailer fixation has also helped.

So what I have done since my last entry? An outdoor kitchen, brick thresholds for both entries, all interior lighting, more landscaping, etc. I even bought Sparta a mini-me. She is cute and shiny.

What remains to be done? Grab bars for getting in and out (I have fallen twice), switch plates, reinforcing my trailer jacks, rustproofing the chassis, and on it goes.

I have learned that cooking in cramped quarters is no bueno. Hence, my outdoor galley
Making sure the entry is stable and level
Brick by brick
With the passage of time it has felt like the step-up got higher. Or is it just me.
The lamp exhibits Cristins’s marvelous trailer tastes
Lots of orange here. I would never get away with that in a real house
Now here is one I can keep polished
Home sweet home in our year-round dwelling