They say that one of the emotions underlying procrastination is fear. Fear of messing up in the case of me and my laminate. I ordered 6 sheets of this Lacquered Linen, a discontinued Formica product. Of the six, one arrived via ground carrier severely cracked. So going in, I knew this stuff was brittle and required delicate handling. I was also nervous about cutting it, so I watched several youtube videos to be sure how to go about it. You have to make sure the product is taped along the cut-line to avoid chipping. And use a fine-tooth jig blade. One of my problems all along has been the lack of proper tools, equipment and manpower. I don’t have a shop and I have to handle this stuff alone, being careful of its tendency to bend and break.

This stuff is flimsy and I was very nervous about cutting it while under tension (the product, not me). See the split on the right side? That happened in transit. You’ll note my Sharpie line. This is a smaller cut.
So to relieve that tension and avoid a split, I propped the piece up with stakes, cutting around them.
Locktite PowerGrab applied and ready to go. First section in the shower.