Hi guys. Just a quick update to say the Galanz refrigerator is in and I am very happy with it…at least, cosmetically. I just plugged it in so will report on its performance next time.

I used a piece of leftover cabinetry from Sparta and it fit perfectly as a surface atop the reefer bracket for the unit to stand on. It is secured with a couple of stout bolts and slathered with multiple coats of poly. Everything has gotten crazy amounts of polyurethane on Sparta. Moisture will not have its way with my girl.

Note bolts in back securing board to steel reefer brace. They got cut off with a Dremel.
Perfect for the space. I will design a birch surround to finish the look.
Thanks to the extensive use of plastic (a mixed blessing) this refridgerator only weighs 100 lbs.

So long!