Hard to believe but I’ve not blogged in a month. Progress on Sparta slammed to a halt when I went to Italy last month and then returned to a succession of catering events, PG&E power outages and so on. Alas, my power is due to be interrupted in one hour due to wild fire concerns and what they are now calling the “new normal” in California. So I am rushing to get this typed before the plug is pulled.

Progress on Sparta was also delayed by my running out of stain (Sherwin Williams Professional Series oil-based “Golden Oak”), only to find out that the product was discontinued. Yikes. The local SW store had a MinWax product called “Golden Oak” of which I bought a sample size. Not even close! So finally I had the store mix up a pretty good match.

The exciting news here is that I am making 1/8″ X 2″ wide strips for all the interior panel seams. Have a look:

My usual crude methods
Wood conditioner
A specially blended new can so I can finally finish staining

Once these strips are covered in poly X2, they will be cut to size and tacked into place to cover all those unsightly seams.