...and crafting a purposeful recovery

Month: August 2020

Littles flourishes

I had a little (as in way too much) spare time and decided to paint and install a couple navigation lights. No, I’m not going anywhere and the only thing I need to navigate these days is my Netflix menu, but they look cool, no?

Also, C and I have been working on landscaping, slowly adding color and variety to our place of refuge.

Stock tanks for later when I have cattle.
These water plants seem to thrive in our kitchen effluent. So do the worms.

T.V. or not T.V.

When Sparta was built in 1957, there probably wasn’t a lot of thought given to where the T.V. should go. There are so many windows and mirrors that much of the wall space is taken. Add to that Cristina’s artwork and even a flat screen, L.E.D. unit is a challenge to situate. Furthermore, as I set about recreating this trailer, I wasn’t thinking about television and how it should fit into my romanticized, spartan (pun intended) lifestyle.

Soon after moving in the debate began. I wanted the big 40-incher (otherwise I can barely read the subtitles) and Cristina preferred the less dominant 2-footer.


There was also the issue of location. I wanted to view in the Observation Lounge and Cristina lobbied for the bedroom. But there is no freakin’ way to put a large screen in the boudoir. So what to do. That’s when I got to thinking about projection. Like everything else these days, miniturization has arrived in projectors and screens have always been collapsible. BINGO!

Cute little ASUS projector with 150 lumens and keystone correction. It plugs into my phone with an Apple “Lightening” dongle.
Portable, lightweight screen can be mounted on tripod or affixed over window. Easy to stash when not in use.

Granted, this arrangement only works well in the dark, but it’s usually late by the time we get around to watching Netflix. For TV news, the little LED is our living room compromise.

The image is really quite good and the subtitles friendly to my now-65 year old eyes.

A domestic crisis averted thanks to the wonder of technology.