Recovery from alcoholism, addiction or any other pathology where an underlying trait is acute selfishness requires one daily practice to be successful – gratitude. Over the past twenty years of back and forth sobriety, I’ve found I do best when I keep myself anchored in a place of thankfulness, eschewing self-pity, regret and resentments. Those inner demons, when allowed to run rampant, have proven the bane of my existence.

The great thing about gratitude is that our blessings are usually right under our noses, but often they sit in the back of the classroom while our less attractive impulses sit in the front row, waving their arms, clamoring for our attention. I have to resist the urge to call on them.

So how do I find calm amidst this Covid – 19 pandemic when the kids in the front row are shouting death, dread and governmental ineptitude? I try to find my blessings. Here are but a few:

  • I have my health, as do my kids, siblings and loved ones.
  • I have found myself in a position to be helpful to my neighbors, with the skills to do so.
  • I have developed a greater appreciation for our Governor, who’s press conferences are well-informed, measured and thoughtful.
  • I have the power to self-innoculate, if I just observe some simple guidelines which are not that onerous.
  • I have a partner to keep me company.
  • Spring flowers are blooming, announcing renewal.
  • Mid-afternoon naps are less guilt-inducing, as are t.v., pulp fiction and food consumed on the couch.
  • I can grow a mullet.
  • I have tons of time to work on Sparta.

In that vein. The floors are finished, Hallelujah!

But first I had to clear out the Observation Lounge
Love this cork!
Office nook
Driving the final spike. More precious than gold
And my assistant
Celebrating the completion of the transcontinental floor.

OK, perhaps I exaggerate.