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Space maker

As I’ve mentioned before, space is at a premium on Sparta so I have planned to install drawers in my platform bed. Using the two wide leftover drawers as templates, I cut out openings for them on the bedframe facing the bathroom. When installed, they will simply run along center rails that I intend to attach to the floor, making this a very straightforward design. This installation will be finalized once the cork floor is installed and the bed pieced back together.

Bed rail with cutout and pilot holes
This is not my best work
But it gets the job done.

While listening to the news last week, I heard about the taboo on face-touching due to coronavirus. It inspired me to draw this cartoon. Comic relief in worrisome times.

Time for a little social distancing.

Mirror, mirror…

An obvious way to create the illusion of roominess in a small space is to use mirrors in abundance – here, there and everywhere. Spartan certainly understood this while creating my ’57 hall of mirrors. There were 6 original mirrors that came with my Sparta – all but one in perfect shape. Now that I’ve decided to settle down on my little Sonoma County ridgetop, it’s time to think about reinstalling them. But first, a quick cleaning. Look at that shine.

The diamond pattern at the entry
The tall closet door mirror
Big bedroom model

The better to see me with.

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