Trim is but a means of masking one’s mistakes. In an amaturish production such as this, nothing ever fits cleanly. Cuts are rough, edges are mismatched and corners are imperfect. Trim was devised to both adorn and cover these inevitable flaws in workmanship. To date, my most perplexing challenge has been the rounded front windows of the “observation lounge”. Like the front panels I installed ages ago, the construction of trim is confounded by the forward-leaning curves. My Baltic Birch doesn’t bend well. So I am working this out in my usual janky way.

Originally, Sparta had a shelf here. OK.
Shelf problem solved. Now, about that curved and angled gap?
Ok, I see where this is headed.
Pythagoras would be proud. I. M. Pei not so much.

My sister-in-law, Betsy, pointed out that this shelf will limit headroom should a couch be placed under it. I believe she is right so I will cut off the front two inches of it, leaving it flush with the leading edge of the vertical trim piece. Once again, the value of collaboration.

Narrower shelf flush with vertical trim piece. Now to stain and poly. The above-mounted horizontal trim is 1/8″ thick. It bends.
Shelf looks nice
Finished off with two strips of Baltic Birch edging like I have been using elsewhere. The use of two strips has created a useful lip to keep things on the shelf.
And a close-up.

Still looking for my patch of earth.