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Month: December 2018

Slow down, you move too fast…

My fan/ducting system has run pretty well in the trials but I concluded that it was a bit loud and moved more air than necessary.  The solution?…a potentiometer (yep, that’s a word).  This little guy gives me the option of adjusting the speed (volume) of the fans.  It’s not much on looks but gets the job done.

A case would’ve been nice

One back, two forward

So my borderline ADD has me on yet another tangent.  The other day as I was buying 1/8″ birch panelling at the lumberyard, I decided to pick up a couple extra pieces to address a long-standing issue I’ve had with the forward cabin.  Specifically, I have never been satisfied with the original work I had done panelling Sparta’s rounded, forward-leaning nose. For those of you that have ever attempted a Spartan remodel, you will know how difficult it is to cut a single piece of birch to fit those tortured, albeit voluptuous, curves.  So I had cut three different pieces to fit, figuring I could trim-out the seams.  Bad idea and this compromise has been nagging at me ever since.  Pictured below you will see my original work.  Look closely and you’ll notice the sections.

See the two horizontal seams to the right of the window?

From my dissatisfaction arose an inspiration: Why not pull the three sections and use them as a template to cut a single piece of birch?  

Voila…no seams (not yet stained either)

The second inspiration came and I realised I could use this freshly cut piece as a template for the other side – its mirror image.

Here is my template for the left side.  Note rough finish.  The only original border is the left one.  All the others are cut at various angles to accomodate the curve and tilt of Sparta.  Whew!
Ta Da!

So I am now feeling good about the result, despite the fact that I had to redo old work.  Sometimes I strive for perfection.

Screwed into place and ready to stain and finish.

So with my doubts put to rest I can now go back to cabinet-making.